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The Ice House is home to Niagara-On-the-Lakes premium Icewine and Ice Slushies and holds a unique position with in Niagara Wineries – it is the only winery that makes Ice Wine exclusively. Ice Wine Maker, Jamie Macfarlane, began his wine making career in Côte-d’Or, France. When he returned to Canada he joined the team to create the first Niagara commercial Icewine. Jamie produced countless award-winning wines during his 25 years as a senior Canadian winemaker. In 2015, he fulfilled his dream to establish the ice house Winery and become the ice wine maker of the highest quality product. Jamie knew the Niagara region is the powerhouse of Icewine. Although Icewine was invented in Germany, Jamie has consecutively produced Icewine for 30 years and wanted to perfect it with the Canadian climate. A man of both passion and perseverance, Jamie has managed to make his dream a reality and is an international business consultant for winemaking. Jamie was on one of the first winemaking teams to make commercial Icewine over 30 years ago. The Ice House Wins the Most Prestigious Icewine Awards in the World In the wine industry, Jamie learned that an Icewine Award from Monde Selection would be the most prestigious and well known medal any wine could win. It is a quality award granted by a totally independent professional jury panel.  Today, Monde Selection, the International Institute for Quality Selections, has been developing for more than 50 years and it holds a unique expertise to test and analyze wines and other consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award. Jamie Northern Ice Vidal won his first Icewine award and Grand Gold Medal in 2005, it was one of over 3,000 wines that had been entered. In 2015 the Ice house Winery won another Gold Medal for northern Ice Vidal 2013 at Monde selection. The Ice House winery produces only the highest quality ice wine in the world.